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What to Know When Buying a New Roof

While homeowners often view the process of buying a new roof with a bit of fear, it doesn't have to be a hard process. Going into the situation prepared will help you be informed, ready to make decisions, and more comfortable with the entire process. At The Roofing Center, we have a few tips to help homeowners with buying a new roof.


Tip #1 Explore Materials

Not all roofing is created equal, and often a homeowner is comparing prices without know if there is any difference in quality. Not only will prices be different based on base product (metal, shingles, tile, etc.) but also based on which components you as a homeowner choose. Often times  it is well worth the money to select upgrades, but make sure your roof salesman explains the products, qualities, and price they are talking about. Often times homeowners only view upgrades such as a metal roof as a price increase without looking at the long term benefits of using a specific product.

Tip #2 Warranty check

Not only should a goof roofing company stand behind it's work, but often times they can offer an upgraded warranty form the manufacture. Depending on certifications, roofers are able to offer warranties as long as 50 years on materials, and often many years on workmanship. This is above and beyond their company warranty and means you will be covered if they retire, go out of business, or otherwise loose contact with the homeowner.

Tip #3 Paying for Your Roof

Paying for a new roof is often the least fun part of the process. A good contractor should help make this easy by providing many different payment options. Many companies offer one type of financing and that is it. At The Roofing Center, we work with 4 different lending partners depending on your needs, credit, and time frame. This often times means homeowners are getting a brand new roof for as little as $150 per month! sometimes homeowners take advantage of 0% interest periods to save or move money around and are able to defer payment on their roofs completely. 


While there are many factors you should consider in buying a new roof, we hope this information is helpful and informative on the subject. If you would like more information, please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.