Cedur fire resistant roofing

Wood Shake Only Better

CeDUR Shake is a full synthetic shake roof that gives you a class 4 impact rating for hail, a class A fire proof rating, and a 50 year manufacture warranty on the product. Not only do we think it is one of the best looking roofing systems on the market, it is made in the USA in Colorado. For more information about this exciting new product call us today!


GAF warranty system

Roofing Systems With Outstanding Warranties

We work with many manufactures of Asphalt Shingles to provide a good product with a great warranty. With manufactures such as GAF (one we HIGHLY recommend) when a full roofing system is used, options are available to extend the warranty coverage up to 50 YEARS! Contact us to learn more about how we can cover your home and get you great peace of mind!

Metal roofing accent

Metal Accents and Full Metal Roofing Systems

If you're looking for a metal roof, we can help.  With anything from a small decorative metal section in copper or other coloring, to a full metal system The Roofing Center can help you get the look and protection you want.