10 Red Flags to Avoid When Hiring a Stone Coated Roofing Contractor

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A roofer replacing the tiles on a house roof.

Hiring a stone coated roofing contractor doesn’t always have to be challenging. As long as you know the qualities and behaviors to avoid, you’ll be at ease knowing that all your roofing needs are in good hands. You’ll also get the most out of what you’ve paid for because these high-quality roofs can stand the test of time.

Since we want the best for our houses, we must avoid unethical and inexperienced roofing operators. That’s why we’ve gathered ten of the most common red flags to avoid with your next stone coated roofing contractor.

1. They offer extremely cheap service rates.

The most obvious red flag when hiring a stone coated roofing contractor is when their service rates are too good to be true. Although it’s tempting to fall for this bait, remember that there’s no such thing as an extremely low or unrealistic roof estimate.

Instead, these operators will install poor-quality roofs that are vulnerable to heavy rains, hail, and other extreme weather conditions. So the next time you contact them for a replacement, they can charge you more than what you expected.

2. When A Stone Coated Roofing Contractor do not have a license to work.

If your roofing contractor can’t show you their license, then there’s a high probability that they don’t have one. That means they may not be legally allowed to do roof installations and replacements in your state. It may also mean they don’t have adequate training and skills to help you with your roofing needs.

3. They do not have insurance.

Apart from their license, roofing contractors must also have their own insurance. This measure saves you from being liable for their medical expenses if they get injured while working on your roof.

4. When A Stone Coated Roofing Contractor lacks roof installation and maintenance experience.

Our roofs come in different designs and styles. Because of this, roofing contractors may have varying levels of experience and skill. That’s why hiring a stone coated roofing contractor with no experience in roof installation and maintenance may put your safety at risk.

5. They can’t provide a portfolio or a list of references.

Roofs need to be durable to protect us from the rain and the sun. If they aren’t, then we may be putting ourselves in danger. So aside from avoiding inexperienced operators, don’t entertain contractors who can’t provide you with a portfolio of their past works or a list of references you can contact.

6. When A Stone Coated Roofing Contractor pressures you to sign the contract.

It takes a while for anyone to sign a contract when hiring a stone coated roofing contractor. You’ll need enough research, budget, and planning before you can decide whether you’re ready to commit to the project. But a contractor who’s being too pushy is a big red flag you should avoid.

7. They have poor communication skills.

Reliable roofing operators have excellent communication skills. They’ll listen and work with you closely to know what you want for your home. They should also be willing to answer all your questions honestly to lessen your worries. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated throughout the project.

8. When A Stone Coated Roofing Contractor appears out of the blue.

Some people take advantage of extreme weather conditions to scam you. They’ll usually knock on your door after a big storm in the area and tempt you for a roof replacement. But beware of these operators because they don’t have a license on hand and use low-quality roof materials.

9. They refuse to have a written contract.

Having a well-written and detailed contract when hiring a stone coated roofing contractor should be a big deal-breaker for you. It’s a good measure to avoid getting scammed and ensure that the operator will finish the project on time with high-quality materials and the proper specifications.

10. They demand full payment upfront.

Finally, beware of contractors who demand complete payment upfront. Never entertain them because there’s a high chance they won’t return and contact you again. However, take note that some roofing contractors may ask for a small deposit to deliver all the needed materials to your property.

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