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Roofing can be an intimidating subject, particularly when so much is at stake. One of the most important things to remember when looking for stone-coated steel roofing or general roofing services in the greater Salt Lake City area is to use a roofing company with the experience and drive to get your project done right.

Starting back in 1982, The Roofing Center was founded to provide top-quality roofing solutions at the best prices possible. One of the first roofing companies to use stone-coated steel in the intermountain west, The Roofing Center remains one of the most trusted, family-owned roofing companies in the Salt Lake City area. 

No matter what your roofing needs are, The roofing Center offers a wide range of roofing solutions to fit your need and budget. From stone-coated steel to metal shingles, to conventional asphalt shingles, the team at The Roofing Center has years of experience with all major roofing manufacturers in the industry. Whether you are looking for roofing products for your home or your business, The Roofing Center has several generations of roofing experience.

Salt Lake City Residential Roofing

Your home is an incredibly significant investment, and keeping your home’s roof in good condition is one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment. Even seemingly simple damage like a missing shingle or a damp spot can mean catastrophic and costly failure in the future. This damage can even lead to your home no longer being habitable. 

Any water infiltration that reaches the decking of your roof can prove to be the beginnings of major damage. If left unchecked, this damage can eventually cause rot and water damage in your attic or crawlspace. This can continue to worsen without notice until you eventually begin to see signs of water damage inside your home, and in living areas.

This damage can show up as discoloration in your ceilings or walls, sagging drywall or plaster, or even electrical shorts. Once you notice the damage in your home, fixing it can be costly and time-consuming. In some cases, without a professional roof inspection by a licensed local roofer, you may not even be aware that the damage is happening until it’s too late.

Salt Lake City Commercial Roofing

Just as a home is a significant investment that should be protected, it can be even more important to protect the roof over your business. Keeping commercial roofs well-maintained and frequently inspected isn’t just a preventative measure to avoid water damage later on, although that is a significant concern, it can also make sure that the business owner or property manager isn’t facing liability issues in the event of damage.

This is incredibly important to remember during the storm season and in the winter. Many commercial roofs are flat roofs, or roofs with a very low slope, which makes them more challenging to maintain than many residential roofs. If inspections, maintenance, and repairs aren’t kept up with, it can lead to very expensive damages to both the structure as well as the area that customers frequent. 

A roofing leak in a business can lead to electrical and HVAC damage for suspended or drop ceilings, where sensitive infrastructure is located high up, out of the view of customers. While this can be remedied before it’s noticed, something as simple as a drip from a ceiling tile can lead to a hazardous condition on smooth floorings, like tile. 

This hazard may not be noticed in time by staff, and if a customer were to slip and fall, because roof repair negligence caused a wet spot on the floor, the resulting legal action could be considerable. Even though the liability insurance of many organizations would protect the owner from monetary devastation, the result of higher insurance premiums can be enough to cause budgetary havoc.

Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Experts in Salt Lake City

One of the most durable roofing materials for both homes and businesses in Salt Lake City is stone-coated steel. Metal roofing is highly resilient to the wind and storms that our area gets seasonally, and stone-coated steel provides additional protection and durability over standard steel roofing. This protection is far better than standard asphalt shingles and can provide a far longer life expectancy as well. 

While asphalt shingles need to be replaced roughly every 20 years, stone-coated steel roofing can more than triple that life expectancy under the right conditions. When properly installed by your local experts, your stone-coated steel roof could see 70 years of use before it needed to be replaced. Having roofing material that can last the better part of a century is something worthy of protecting your investment, whether it’s residential or commercial. For more information about stone-coated roofing, or to get a quote on your roofing project, reach out to The Roofing Center today.

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