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At The Roofing Center, we work hard to analyze all of the products that are available to the U.S. market in all types of roofing. We want to be certain that we are providing only the highest quality products to our customers. This research includes touring manufacturing facilities, researching warranties and, most importantly, checking on products that have been installed over various time frames to see what holds up best in the field.

The Three Main Categories of Residential Roofing Materials

Asphalt Roofing

Most homeowners know these as a shingle roof. These roofing systems are a great option and range from the most budget friendly, to designer style high end roofs. Oftentimes, these roofs can be sold with an extended manufacturer warranty that gives the homeowner more peace of mind. For the regions The Roofing Center serves, we have found that Owens Corning and Malarkey hold up best in our climates. Because of that, we have worked to become certified with both manufacturers to offer better warranties to the consumer.

Metal & Stone Coated Steel Roofing

While most homeowners are familiar with the long panel style of metal roofing, this is an area of roofing that has changed significantly over the last decades. One of the most preferred styles is a type of metal known as Stone Coated Steel Roofing. This is a metal shingle pressed to look like a tile roof, shake roof or shingle roof. Not only does this product hold up better than a traditional metal roof, it is also installed in a manner that makes it much more energy efficient. We have worked with all main manufacturers over the last 35 years of specializing in this type of roofing. The standout products on the market today come from Tilcor Roofing Products and Boral Steel. Each manufacturer offers distinct styles and colors that we recommend based on what the homeowner is trying to accomplish. We believe that stone-coated steel is the best value in steep slope roofing currently on the market.

We are proud to offer Tilcor Roofing System as our preferred stone-coated roofing product. Imported from New Zealand, Tilcor stands apart from the competition for their use of virgin steel on all of the of their roofing products, and their consistent use of heavier gauges on all of their panels and accessories. All of their products carry a class 4 impact resistant rating from the Underwriters Laboratory, and they will provide your home with protection from most hailstorms. And it will definitely add to its beauty!

Boral Steel is another great product we offer. It is made in the USA in Oceanside, California. Boral steel was created from buying out two of the top manufacturers of stone coated steel, combining the best aspects of each, and backing it with one of the largest and best manufacturers of exterior construction products.


The third line is what we call our specialty roof products. These include a synthetic polymer based shake that gives the look of a traditional wood shake. While there are a few brands, we prefer the product line offered from CeDUR. CeDUR Shake is a full synthetic shake roof that gives you a class 4 impact rating for hail, a class A fire proof rating, and a 50 year manufacturers warranty on the product. We think it is one of the best looking roofing systems on the market and it’s also made in the USA, in Colorado.

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