6 Facts About Stone Coated Steel Energy Efficiencies

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Many homeowners are unaware of the advantages of stone-coated steel as it relates to energy efficiencies. Apart from their ability to protect us from the rain and the sun, they also have a massive impact on the overall design of our houses and buildings but how do they compete with other roofing materials like asphalt, wood, and concrete?

Finding the best roofing type has become a vital task for homeowners and roofing contractors alike. However, stone-coated steel has proven its value throughout the years. This material is strong, highly durable, and can adapt to diverse styles and needs. But its most defining feature would be its energy efficiency. Thus, below are six facts about this roofing material.

Better Heat Reflectivity

Metal roofs, on their own, have extremely high thermal performance and energy efficiency compared to other roofing materials like asphalt and concrete. In particular, their low thermal mass allows them to reflect heat from the sun away from any residential or commercial establishment.

However, the addition of stone-coated steel can further improve the thermal performance of metal roofs. This granular stone coating contains infrared pigments, capable of reflecting heat better, especially during the summer. They can also protect us from UV rays.

Enhanced Cooling Temperatures

One known advantage of stone-coated steel energy efficiencies is reduced temperatures in any establishment. Since this roofing material reflects heat away, it can ensure a balanced temperature within and outside the house or building.

In particular, stone-coated steel decreases heat transfer from outside into the house. As a result, most establishments made with this roofing material experience enhanced cooling effects, especially during the summer.

The cooling effect is also a result of Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV). This is defined as the airspace between the roofing panel and the roof sheathing. This air gap acts as an insulation barrier not only keeping the attic cooler in the summer but it reduces drastic temperature swings within the home itself.

Less Noise

Most stone-coated steel energy efficiencies focus on their ability to reflect heat and enhance cooling temperatures. However, this energy-efficient roofing material can also minimize the noise coming from your roof. Its granular stone coating can absorb the sounds of heavy rains and hail effectively.

On top of its noise reduction properties, this material becomes more energy-efficient because you won’t have to spend on expensive and unsustainable sound-proofing material. You’ll have everything you need with a single product at your reach.

Longer Lifespan

Our weather conditions are always unpredictable. We can experience strong winds in a minute then heavy rains after. This is among the reasons why the strength and quality of most roofs degrade over time. It’s also why they need constant supervision and maintenance.

Stone-coated metal roofs, however, are different. Their increased durability allows them to last for more than 40 years. They can also endure more extreme weather conditions while still protecting us. Thus, the longer lifespan of this roofing material contributes to one of the primary impacts of stone-coated steel energy efficiencies.

Increased Sustainability

One of the most promising impacts of stone-coated steel energy efficiencies is sustainability. Apart from their ability to last for more than 40 years, they also contain recyclable materials. That’s why we can recycle most metal roofs.

Decreased Overall Costs

Due to the benefits of stone-coated roofs, it’s no wonder why they can reduce your overall costs. Regardless of the stage, you can ensure fewer materials, equipment, and labor from construction to maintenance and repairs.

On top of its reduced costs, this roofing material can increase the value of your home or building. It also has a wide range of roofing textures and patterns to match any individual’s taste and style.

Our Verdict

Stone-coated steel is a promising roofing material for any house or building due to its energy efficiency, cost, sustainability, and durability. For more stone-coated steel energy efficiencies inquiries, contact a professional stone-coated steel roofer today.

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