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If you live in Boulder or operate a business in the Boulder area, roof health is critical to keeping your structure in good shape. The weather we get can be beautiful, but it can also be brutal, and it can end up taking a heavy toll on your existing roofing solution. Getting an annual roofing inspection can induce heavy anxiety, and the period between hearing repairs are needed and hearing the potential cost can trigger cardiac events. 

Shingles are one of the most common types of roofing to see in our area, both asphalt and ceramic shingles are popular in the Denver area, but stone-coated metal is can outperform them both, and can last for more than half a century when installed by an experenced professional. The Roofing Center is here to be your trusted, local roofing partner. We’ll listen to your needs, and find your property a roofing solution that fits your budget as well.

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Boulder Roofing Services

The Roofing Center began offering roofing services in the Boulder area back in 1982, and they were driven to help bring top-quality roofing systems to the area, without pricing them into inaccessibility. We were one of the first roofing contractors to bring stone-coated steel roofing to the Boulder area, and to this day we are still seen as one of the most trustworthy, family-owned roofers in the greater Boulder area.

Every home has a unique roofing need, and we work with you to learn your needs as well as find out the needs of your home. We will make sure you have the optimal roofing solution for your goals and budget, and then we’ll make sure you have a roofing team with several generations of roofing experience to install your roof for you. Whether you have roofing needs for a commercial or a residential building, we’ll be able to help you meet your roofing needs.

Boulder Residential Roofing

Residential roofing is incredibly important to get right. Your home is not only one of your largest and most significant purchases, but it’s also an investment. You hope that the investment will gain value over the years, but one of the most important factors in that value is keeping the property well-maintained. It’s the building where you and your family live, and the roof is a significant protective component.

The job of a home’s roof is to keep the elements out, but it also needs to function as a vent, allowing for air and moisture exchange with the exterior of the home. The roofing surface is designed to act as an impermeable moisture membrane, keeping all excess moisture off of the roof and out of the attic. When the roofing materials fail or the roof is damaged, it can be the beginning of a water damage issue and can lead to costly repairs or even deadly molds.

There are countless signs that moisture may be making its way past your roofing system, but they can be difficult for the average homeowner to detect, making DIY roof care nearly impossible. The easiest way to make sure that the seasonal storms are getting ahead of your roof is to get an annual inspection of your roof by a trusted, local roofer. They will let you know not only what needs to be addressed now, but what issues may also pop up in the next 5, 10, or even 15 years.

Boulder Commercial Roofing

Residential roofing is the key to protecting residential investments, and the same can be said about commercial roofing systems. Not only do they keep the building and property safe from infiltration by the elements, but they also help prevent damage to the interior, and help minimize hazardous customer areas.

Commercial roofing has unique challenges, however. Not only do commercial roofs have different physical maintenance and repair needs than residential roofing, but they also need incredibly different materials. You will need to find a roofer that is experienced enough with commercial roofing that they can do the job well, and you need to make sure they stand behind their work.

The importance of good roofing for a business cannot be overstated. The roof is often the primary line of defense between the exterior and the elements, and the interior of the building. A well-maintained roof can help prevent damage to components like HVAC and data systems that are often housed in the ceilings of commercial buildings. They can also cause hazardous conditions for customers if leaks reach the floor because they open the door to costly slip and fall injury cases.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Experts in Boulder

One of the leading roofing technologies is stone-coated steel, and if you own a home or maintain a commercial building, it can solve your roofing needs for up to 70 years. For more information about stone-coated steel in the context of your roofing project, or to simply schedule your next roofing inspection, contact The Roofing Center today and speak with a roofing professional. 

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The Roofing Center is committed to using the highest quality roofing materials, exceptional craftsmanship and time-tested techniques in everything we do. From the tiniest patch to a total Boulder roof replacement on a huge complex, we do it all with the utmost professionalism and skill. Let our team Boulder roofing experts handle all of your roof replacement and new roofing installation projects.

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The Roofing Center is an award-winning roofing company that has been serving homeowners and businesses for over 35 years. We are a BBB A+ rated local Boulder roofing contractor and can handle any roofing project from tear-off through completion, start to finish.

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