How Do You Prepare Your House For New Roof Installation?

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You may not think there’s much to prepare for a new roof installation, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Preparing the interior and exterior of your home for a new roof helps the installation process go a lot smoother and quicker. Before our team of professionals at The Roofing Center comes to install your new roof, take a little bit of extra time to prepare your house.

Preparing The Outside Of Your House For New Roof Installation

There are a few outdoor elements to consider before you get a new roof installed. Some of these elements include the following:

  • Your family’s vehicles
  • Patio furniture
  • Landscaping

Moving your family’s vehicles will free up a parking space for our roofs and serve as a safety measure for you. When we install your new roof, we continuously load and unload tools, shingles, other materials, debris, etc., so it’s more practical to park close to the work area.

It also helps to clear any patio furniture, toys, grills, potted plants, and anything else in your yard. Moving these things into your garage or one place in the yard keeps the work area safe and helps avoid damage to these items.

Lastly, trimming the tree branches that hang close to the roof ensures our team can get unobstructed access to the work area. Additionally, cutting your grass before workers get there makes cleaning up more manageable.

Preparing The Inside Of Your Home

As we install your new roof, you’ll notice some vibrations caused by hammering and other tools. Although this noise is nothing out of the ordinary, it can cause hanging wall decorations to fall. Therefore, removing mirrors, paintings, and framed photos, ensures they don’t get damaged.

It’s also important to consider your attic before your new roof installation. As our team installs the roof, some dust and debris will fall into the attic. With that being said, take the time to cover any personal belongings to protect them from debris. Additionally, if you have any valuable items in your attic, it’s best to remove them beforehand.

The vibrations that come with installing a new roof can also cause debris to fall, scratch, or damage your windows. To prevent this damage, the best thing to do is secure them with boards.

Preparing Your Roof For Installation

If your roof has any obstructions on it, it’s important to remove them before your new roof gets installed. Some examples of roof obstructions include things like:

  • Antennas
  • Satellite dishes
  • Solar panels

Typically, it’s unsafe to remove these things yourself, so it’s best to call your service provider or a licensed professional to safely remove your antennas, satellite dishes, or solar panels. It’s helpful to remove these obstructions beforehand so our team can start working right away!

Other Helpful Preparation Tips

A couple of other beneficial things you can do to prepare for your new roof is informing the people it will affect.

For instance, letting your neighbors know that you’ll be getting a new roof is the considerate thing to do. Installing a new roof is noisy, so they may want to adjust their schedules.

Also, it’s essential to talk to your kids and neighboring kids that certain areas of the house won’t be accessible while the new roof gets installed.

Preparing For Your New Roof Installation

Before professional roofers even come to your house to install your new roof, properly preparing is an important step. Taking action and doing the following things helps make the process go a lot smoother:

  • Trimming trees
  • Removing roof obstructions
  • Clearing potted plants, patio furniture, etc.
  • Boarding windows
  • Removing wall decor
  • Protecting your attic

At The Roofing Center, we aim to make getting a new roof as painless as possible. Contact our team today to discover more details about a new roof installation!

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