How Long Does it Take to Install a New Commercial Roof?

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install a new commercial roof

How long does it take for a professional contractor to install a new commercial roof?

It’s an important consideration because you don’t want roof repair/installation to impact business operations for too long. Fortunately, if you hire a reputable roofer, it’s possible to get outstanding results without waiting forever for a project to finish.

This article will help you gain a better perspective of commercial roofing and what to expect from an important capital improvement to your commercial property.

Thinking About a New Commercial Roof? Get an Inspection First

You’ve heard from us before regarding the importance of commercial roof inspections. Everything starts with having a professional looking over your roof to get a full scope of the damages and repair needs. In certain scenarios, you may not need a full roof replacement, but we can’t tell until we get up there and look.

These are the basic components we look at to assess the damages and formulate a repair/replacement plan.

  • Signs of Wear & Tear
    • This can be anything from curling shingles and rusted nails to eroded flashing and weather-damaged soffits. Just because something’s old doesn’t mean you have to scrap everything, but eventually you’ll have to replace certain components, or the entire roof. Nothing lasts forever, but we can offer durable solutions like metal roofing options.
  • Presence of Leaks
    • Leaks are the bane of any roof and often necessitate a replacement. Sometimes we can address leaks with a few humble adjustments. Be aware that even small leaks require a prompt resolution. Otherwise, you face a potential mold problem, and further roof deterioration.
  • Missing Components (Shingles, Flashing, etc.)
    • We’ll also keep an eye out for anything that’s come loose or fallen off entirely.

What to Expect When You Need a New Commercial Roof?

Once we determine you definitely need to replace your commercial roof, we can figure out how long the project will last. As a rule of thumb, this work lasts anywhere from three or four days all the way to several weeks, but there are several factors that figure into that.

Holding aside any unexpected problems (like a lengthy, severe thunderstorm), a standard-sized roofing crew can get the job done promptly. The exact project length will depend on: 1) The size of the property, 2) How many buildings are involved, and 3) Accessibility.

The other major factor is the roof’s geometric complexity. If there are lots of slopes, or you select a more premium material, it may require more labor hours to complete.

Why it Helps to Hire a Reputable Roofing Contractor for This

If you own a large business property, then you probably already know you can’t DIY your way through a new roof with your maintenance staff. You must hire a competent roofing company, which is where we come into the picture. It’s vital to select a roofing contractor who has the appropriate licensing, plenty of experience, positive testimonials, and offers at least decent service warranties.

The Roofing Center: 35+ Years of Outstanding Commercial Roofing Service

The Roofing Center helps commercial, multi-family, and residential property owners achieve long-term satisfaction through first-rate workmanship. Our team has several years of experience, can install any type of roof, arrives on time for the project, and won’t leave you in the dark on anything. Every roofing job has a project manager who will provide you with regular progress reports, especially for longer tasks lasting several days or more.

So, if you run a business in Utah, Colorado, or Montana, and need help with your roof, then give us a call. We know how important it is to have a great roof over any brick-and-mortar business.

Contact us today for a free inspection, including a reliable cost estimate and timetable from completing a new commercial roof.

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