How to Mount Solar Panels on a Stone Coated Steel Roof

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Mount Solar Panels

You can find a great way of saving money from expensive bills by mounting solar panels on a stone-coated steel roof. Its demand continues to rise in the Intermountain West, and they are all for great reason. Aside from saving much money, stone-coated steel roofs last longer with excellent durability.

However, mounting the solar panel is easier said than done. There are some setbacks in the process, but you can surely accomplish it with guidance. So if you’re looking for a great way to mount solar panels on a stone-coated steel roof, read on.

Steps in Mounting Solar Panels on a Stone Coated Steel Roof

Installing a solar panel on your stone-coated steel roof should be done by professional solar panel installers. They already know how the process works, and they should not encounter any problems while doing so. To understand how the installation process should go, here are the following steps to mount solar panels on your roof.

Get the Materials Needed

Your contractor should first gather all the materials required before mounting the solar panels on a stone-coated steel roof to start the installation. The materials required are the following:

  • Tools to mark rafters (this could be a marker, chalk, or crayon)
  • Mounts
  • Drillbit
  • Roofing sealant

Once they have all the materials needed, the next thing they will do is remove the stone-coated steel panels on your existing roof.

Removing the Stone Coated Steel Panel

The stone-coated panel can be removed, depending on the type of steel panel that you have.

The roofing contractor will locate where they can place the hooks needed for the solar panels. Once they’ve established the location, they will get started on removing the cover of the stone-coated steel and place the mounts.

Drilling Holes on the Rafters

After removing the existing metal roof panels, the contractors will need mounts. QuickBOLT mounts are the most used mounts in attaching the solar panels, while other contractors take the tile hook.

In this step, your contractors will be preoccupied with drilling holes in the rafters. They will be placing all of the mounts on the rafters or the battens (if your house has them).

Mounting on the Batten

Now that the roofing contractors have successfully drilled a hole in the rafters, attaching the mounts into the batten. Battens are the high material in the rafter that should fit in the curve of your support, but some roofs don’t have one.

If that’s the case, the contractors will place the rising part of the mount on the thickest edge of your roofing until they complete the procedure.

Seal Their Holes

After attaching the mounts to the battens, your roofing contractors will make sure that there will be no remaining reason to cause damage to your roof by sealing the holes. They will place the sealant to the drilled holes accurately to ensure that you’re not receiving leakage inside.

Screw the Mount

As your contractor finishes applying all of the needed sealants in the holes, they will line up the mount and secure it in place before mounting the required screws.

Once the roofing contractors finish attaching the screws in the mount, they will place back the removed roofing and hook up the solar panels in the mounts.

Why Is It Difficult to Mount a Solar Panel on a Stone Coated Steel Roof?

Mounting a solar panel on a stone-coated steel roof has its downsides. Not only can it be challenging to figure out for beginners who don’t know what to do, but they can also harm the state of your roof.

Sometimes, when you are walking on the metal steel roof, it will have a visible dent, or if not, you will have a hard time carrying the hefty solar panel and other tools to perform the mounting procedure.

If you don’t want to risk the chance of getting a dent on your stone-coated steel roof, you can let the experts like The Roofing Center handle the job. Teaming up with the roofing experts, the long-running company ensures the satisfaction of mounting the solar panels efficiently.

How to Mount Solar Panels on a Stone Coated Steel Roof: The Final Say

Getting your solar panel can help you save a costly bill when it comes to energy. Besides saving money, it is a guarantee that by mounting solar panels on a stone-coated steel roof, you can maximize the energy absorption and have a long-lasting roof and solar panel on your house.

Do you have any roof-related problems? The Roofing Center is more than happy to answer all of your concerns. Contact us today!

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