Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofing: Utah, Colorado, and Montana

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Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofing Utah, Colorado, and Montana

When it comes to choosing a new roofing material, you’ll want to make your choice while accounting for insurance discounts for metal roofing. Homeowners in Utah, Colorado, and Montana may benefit from a variety of discounts on their home insurance premiums if they choose the right roof material.

With that in mind, let’s break down what insurance discounts you should expect and explore what roofing materials you should choose for the best bang for your buck.

Do Stone-Coated Roofs Quality Homeowners for Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofing?

Generally, yes. However, different insurance companies may accept different discounts. You should always speak to your insurance agent about what discounts you may qualify for so you aren’t surprised either way.

Furthermore, you’ll need to know what specific qualities of stone-coated roofing qualify you for potential insurance premium benefits – or ever complete coverage for your roof under insurance.

When you install stone-coated roof shingles from The Roofing Center, you may benefit from two different insurance discounts.

Class IV Impact Rating

The first is a discount thanks to stone-coated roofing’s exceptional durability and its Class IV impact rating. This impact rating marks stone-coated roofing as very durable against hazards like hail, rocks, and other debris that may be tossed around your home due to storms or heavy winds.

The Class IV impact rating could qualify you for a discount since it ensures that your roof will withstand a greater amount of damage than roofs made of lesser materials. Since this costs the insurance company less money, they may reward you with a discount as a result.

Class A Fireproof Rating

The next possible discount revolves around stone-coated roofing’s Class A fireproof rating. The fireproof rating means that stone-coated roofing is very unlikely to catch fire if a single ember or other minor fire hazards make contact with the roofing material.

Naturally, this is a big concern in areas like Utah, botanic, and Colorado, all of which are states that see fires in the summer due to dryness and other environmental factors. Insurance companies are often willing to give homeowners a discount if they protect their roofs from fire damage by selecting the right materials.

Speak to Your Agent About Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofing

Between these two potential insurance discounts, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each month on your insurance premium. However, exactly how much you’ll save will depend on:

  • The current price of your insurance premium
  • The contract details or limitations of your insurance policy
  • What discounts you may already be receiving – most insurance providers don’t allow you to take advantage of too many discounts simultaneously
  • And other factors

Because of these elements, you should always contact your insurance agent before installing a new roofing material and expect to get a discount. There may be one reason or another why you can only qualify for one instead of both of the above potential discounts.

Furthermore, your insurance agent may be able to estimate the total discount you’ll receive when all is said and done. This can help you determine if installing stone-coated roofing materials is a budget-friendly decision.

Contact The Roofing Center Today

As you can see, stone-coated roofing provides you with several insurance discounts you can’t afford to ignore. On top of that, stone-coated roofing installed by The Roofing Center will ensure you can rely on your roof for years to come – it’ll protect you from hail, rain, and even fire damage.

Want to get started or learn more? Contact The Roofing Center today for more information about insurance discounts for metal roofing or to see some samples of stone-coated roofing material for your roof!

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