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Roofing repairs can be intimidating, particularly if you live in Lakewood and see some of our weather. Most people forget how our weather can take its toll on their roofing, however, and end up with repairs that can be much more costly than they would have been if the issues were caught early.

Even the smallest water intrusions can lead to devastating interior damage in a home or business. It’s these damages that often are the reason that roofing repair always gives people so much pricing anxiety. Working with a trusted, local roofer, however, makes the process much easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. When you work with The Roofing Center, you know you’re getting transparent service, honest pricing, and no obligation.

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Lakewood Roofing Services

Since 1982 The Roofing Center has been helping business owners and residents of Lakewood to find roofing system solutions that met their needs and fit their budgets. We were one of the first roofers to begin installing stone-coated steel roofing in the mountain region, and to this day we remain one of the most trusted family-owned local roofers. 

No matter what your roofing project needs, we’ll be happy to help you figure out a roofing system that will meet those needs, while also fitting your budgetary constraints. We work with an incredibly wide range of roofing materials, from traditional options like conventional asphalt shingles to cutting-edge roofing technology like stone-coated steel, so there are always multiple ways that you can get your project done.  When you work with us, that project is done by a team with generations of experience behind them. 

Lakewood Residential Roofing

Residential roofing helps protect one of the most important things in your life, it’s your home. Your home is not only your personal space and your family’s sanctuary, but it’s also a considerable financial investment whose value can go up or down. One of the best ways to make sure your investment is as safe as possible, along with your loved ones inside of it, is to make sure that you’re trusted, local roofing partner has recently inspected the roof and that any recommended repairs have been done.

During an inspection, a roofing professional will come to your home, and will closely examine your roof, inside and out. They will also examine nearby areas like the attic so that they can get a well-rounded picture of how waterproof your roof is, and if there are signs of moisture intrusion. They will detail their findings and will discuss those findings with you so that you are fully aware of what was found.

In some cases, there may be items found that don’t need to be addressed for five to ten years down the road and if that’s the case, we’ll let you know. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of what should be fixed or addressed immediately, and what may be addressed later on. Catching the damage before it becomes too great is the easiest way to avoid costly repairs.

Lakewood Commercial Roofing

Just as it’s important to be apprised of the health of a residential roof, it’s similarly important for business owners and property managers to be aware of the roofing conditions on their buildings as well. Since commercial roofs are so different from residential roofing, it’s important that your roofing partner have extensive experience both in the roofing differences and the different materials used. The Roofing Center has commercial roofing teams with decades of experience behind them.

The potential for financial losses from a neglected commercial roof is greater than with a residential roof. With a commercial roof, not only is there the possibility for property damage but there is also the potential for legal liability.

Some of the first equipment to be damaged by errant water are the rooftop HVAC components and the computer networking components. These are also some of the most expensive to have to fully replace, and the expense of that alone can be enough to handicap some businesses. Having a leak reach an area where customers walk can mean the circumstances are right for a slip and fall injury claim, which can create higher insurance premiums.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Experts in Lakewood

One of the most innovative materials that can be installed on roofs is stone-coated steel. Not only does it have a much greater ability to resist wind damage than shingles, but it stands up to impacts much easier, and prevents the roof underneath from being damaged. While asphalt shingles only last about 20 years in the best situations, stone-coated steel can last up to 70 years if taken care of, and that means a much lower cost of roofing over the years. For more information, or if you have any questions about your roofing project, contact The Roofing Center.

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The Roofing Center is committed to using the highest quality roofing materials, exceptional craftsmanship and time-tested techniques in everything we do. From the tiniest patch to a total Lakewood roof replacement on a huge complex, we do it all with the utmost professionalism and skill. Let our team Lakewood roofing experts handle all of your roof replacement and new roofing installation projects.

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The Roofing Center is an award-winning roofing company that has been serving homeowners and businesses for over 35 years. We are a BBB A+ rated local Lakewood roofing contractor and can handle any roofing project from tear-off through completion, start to finish.

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