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Keeping your roofing system in good repair can be challenging for some, particularly those working with older asphalt shingled roofs. For many, the thought of roofing repairs can be enough to send their heart rate sky-high, particularly when the cost is being discussed. 

The biggest reason for this is that most people just don’t have a local roofing partner that they can trust. The Roofing Center can fill that role for you, and they can help you with everything from inspections and minor repairs, to major repairs and entire roofing system replacements. They have maintained family-owned roofing operations in the Loveland area for more than 40 years.

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Loveland Roofing Services

The Roofing Center was founded back in 1982, and immediately the goal was to get high-quality, affordable roofing solutions to the residents and business owners of the Loveland area. We also helped pioneer the regional use of advanced stone-coated steel roofing, as one of the first contractors to install it widely, which helped us become a well-known and trusted local business. 

Our team of roofing professionals not only have several generations of experience between them, but also a vast array of skills. Our roofing team has proficiency in both residential roofing as well as commercial roofing, so that no matter where your roofing needs are, we can address them with knowledge and transparency. 

Loveland Residential Roofing

The goal of any roof is to protect the building it covers. Not only is it designed to keep the elements from penetrating the waterproof barrier, but it’s used to almost effortlessly send that water where it needs to be. This means your roof has to be waterproof, but it also has to have the diversion capabilities to get the water away from your structure.

Residential roofing is most often seen to be shingles, such as the old-fashioned asphalt shingles, which are not only prone to failure in multiple ways but also have a far shorter lifespan. The benefit of shingles, however, is they are far cheaper than any other roofing system you can find. Shingles can be damaged during a storm, and even ripped right off, and rain can be blown up underneath them in strong winds. 

The slightest leak that goes unnoticed can eventually lead to the most costly interior damage. Ordinarily, your annual roof inspection would reveal a spot on your roof where the shingles were failing, or indications of physical impact damage. Failing to get an inspection, however, can give a little leak a long time to lurk, which can result in some soggy plaster or drywall falling right off of the wall studs. This can reveal colonies of dangerous molds that have developed in the warm, damp, intra-wall space.

Loveland Commercial Roofing

Roofing is important in residential applications, but it becomes even more so with commercial roofing. A residential roof protects the small number of people who live there, as well as the structure itself and the limited infrastructure inside. A commercial roof has the potential to simultaneously protect millions in inventory, hundreds of people, as well as computer and HVAC systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars each, if not more. Leaks can cost thousands, and if they result in legal liability they can cost much more.

Most businesses have a flat roof that houses their HVAC equipment, and standing water on the roof can jeopardize that equipment, possibly even leading to an electrocution risk to those on the roof. If the roof needs maintenance to help it drain properly, failing to do that could cost untold amounts of money to fix damaged equipment. The same goes for networking or other electrical components suspended from the ceiling inside the building. 

Preventing these situations can be as simple as working with a trusted local roofing company to assess the health of your roof. The Roofing Center will ensure that you have a roofing professional with years of experience in properly maintaining commercial roofs. They will perform a complete inspection, and then will discuss the results of that inspection with you afterward, helping you to understand and prioritize any repairs your roof may need.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Experts in Loveland

One of the most common roofing systems in the Loveland area is the use of asphalt shingles. This system is effective, and it’s one of the cheapest roofing materials on the market, there are also some notable downsides. Not only are the shingles susceptible to wind and impact damage, but they also only last for about 20 years in ideal conditions. This means whatever you save by using shingles, is generally lost in a few years when you’re reshingling.

Stone-coated steel beats shingles in the wind and impact resistance categories. Not only can it resist any windspeed the Loveland area may see during a storm if those winds happen to send some storm debris your way, or when we get the seasonal hail storm, stone-coated steel will absorb those impacts much easier, and will protect your roof decking easier. 

Reach out today to the roofing experts at The Roofing Center. You can get an expert opinion on your roofing needs, or you can get your annual roof inspection scheduled so you know where you stand.

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The Roofing Center is committed to using the highest quality roofing materials, exceptional craftsmanship and time-tested techniques in everything we do. From the tiniest patch to a total Loveland roof replacement on a huge complex, we do it all with the utmost professionalism and skill. Let our team Loveland roofing experts handle all of your roof replacement and new roofing installation projects.

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The Roofing Center is an award-winning roofing company that has been serving homeowners and businesses for over 35 years. We are a BBB A+ rated local Loveland roofing contractor and can handle any roofing project from tear-off through completion, start to finish.

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