The Process Of Stone-Coated Steel Roof Installation

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stone-coated steel roof installation

The stone-coated steel roof installation process is much different than traditional asphalt shingles. That said, there are several extra steps involved when our team of experienced professionals installs your stone-coated steel roof.

Although installation should be done by professional roofers (especially in the case of stone-coated steel shingles), it’s beneficial as a homeowner to understand the process so you’re in the know.

Preparing For A Stone-Coated Steel Roof Installation

Before our team of roofers even arrives at your house, there are several things you can do to help make the installation process much easier and quicker.

Outdoor Prep

One easy thing you can do to make the roof installation process more manageable is to prepare the exterior of your home.

For instance, taking the time to move your patio furniture, potted plants, lawn ornaments, toys, etc., helps our team a lot. Our team can walk around the worksite without worrying about running into anything. Additionally, moving these things ensures they aren’t damaged by falling debris.

It’s also helpful to move your family’s vehicles into a secure location so our team can park as close to the job site as possible. Roofers walk to and from their trucks a lot, so it makes sense to park as close as possible.

Indoor Prep

There are also multiple ways to prepare the inside of your house for a new roof installation. Some of the things you can do to prepare include the following actions:

  • Take hanging art, mirrors, decor, etc., off the wall
  • Cover items in your attic (protects items from falling dust and debris)

Moreover, it’s neighborly to tell the people you live next to that you are having a new roof installed, as the process can be pretty noisy.

Step 1: Underlayment

First, our roofers will install layers of underlayment. The number of layers varies based on the condition of the existing underlayment and what type of stone-coated steel shingle you select.

Underlayment is crucial because it extends the overall lifespan of your roof and enhances the performance of your stone-coated steel shingles. Moreover, underlayment prevents leakage and corrosion caused by excessive water, ice, or snow.

Step 2: Battens

Next, we install battens. Battens are a common professional term for an Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) roofing system. Essentially, an ASV roofing system allows for easier heat exchange.

This heat exchange is what allows your stone-coated steel roof to be more energy efficient all year round!

Step 3: Cutting Panels

After that, we cut panels using precise measuring, so they fit your roof perfectly. Also, we make sure we use leftover panel pieces and cut them in custom sizes as finishing pieces. That way, none of the material you paid for goes to waste!

If you’re installing a roof by yourself, it’s crucial that you never cut roofing panels while you’re on the roof. This is extremely unsafe and leads to more injuries. Further, using a table saw or circular saw with a concrete or metal cutting blade is best for cutting panels.

Step 4: Fasteners

Finally, we use various fasteners to connect your stone-coated steel panels to the battens. For the majority of the roof’s surface, we use long screws/fasteners to secure the panels. But around the perimeters and at the roof’s corners, we utilize hex head screws/fasteners.

Without fasteners, your roof wouldn’t be able to stay in place as it should. The most critical detail about fasteners is installing the correct number. The shingles will fall off and get damaged much quicker if one doesn’t use enough fasteners.

Have Stone-Coated Steel Roof Installation Done By The Experts

As you can see, there are a lot of precise steps and technical knowledge involved in installing a stone-coated steel roof. It’s certainly possible to install this type of roof without contractors, but it’s not recommended because of how challenging it can be.

Make your life easier and let the pros at The Roofing Center handle your stone-coated steel roof installation; contact our team today to discuss color variations, pricing, warranties, and more!

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