Tilcor Stone Coated Shingle Roof: The Shingle of the Future

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Stone Coated Shingle Roof The Shingle of the Future

If you don’t know what to expect from a stone coated shingle roof, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down this shingle of the future and explore why it’s such a great choice for homeowners just like you, whether you want to renovate an existing roof or build a new roof for your home or future property.

The Tilcor CF Shingle Profile Explained

The Tilcor CF Shingle profile is one of our most popular shingle profiles ever, and for good reason. The Tilcor stone coated shingle roof is ideal for homeowners who want to prioritize durability, who want something that will save them money over the long term, and for those who may wish to benefit from insurance premium discounts.

On top of all that, this roof is aesthetically pleasing and works well with a variety of home styles and surrounding environments.

What Does “CF” Stand For with the Stone Coated Shingle Roof

The “CF” in the Tilcor shingle profile stands for “concealed fastener”. The fasteners for this shingle profile are always hidden from view, improving the shingles’ overall look and aesthetic.

But perhaps more importantly, the fasteners are also protected from the elements. This could be crucial as exposed shingle fasteners typically lose their power or durability over time if they are frequently exposed to rain or hail. With this concealed design, the fasteners will last for years to come and bolster the durability of the shingles overall.

Major Elements of the Stone Coated Shingle Roof

The Tilcor CF shingle profile is also excellent because of several key factors that improve its value for any homeowner.

The Head Lap/Fastening Tab

Firstly, the headlap or fastening tab (which is where the nails or screws are fastened to your roof structure) is solid all the way across. This is distinct from other profiles, which frequently use vinyl fastening tabs that, when lined up against multiple shingle panels, butt up against each other.

The Tilcor profile’s design allows the head laps to overlap with each other, offering a tight and secure fit each and every time and bolstering your roof’s durability.

The Side Lap

Each Tilcor CF shingle comes with 3 ½ inch side laps that include triple water channels. Why does this matter?

  • The extra space from 3 ½ inches on the side lap allows extra panels to easily stack atop one another
  • The seams tuck down into lower pads to ensure that the shingles maintain a low, aesthetically pleasing profile
  • The side laps defend against wind-driven rain. The triple water channels work well to divert water away from the seams and to prevent water from leaking into your roof or home

The Step

The step of this shingle profile doesn’t drop down as normal. Instead, it benefits from a slight bend at the edge, which guarantees three points of contact for each shingle panel. Even better, these points of contact help the shingle panels to interlock with each other, tightening seams even further and sealing out the elements or potential debris.

Altogether, these major factors ensure that these roofs:

  • Don’t have panels that rattle against each other
  • Are more impregnable against water or dirt
  • Look aesthetically better compared to other shingle design profiles since they’re flatter and interlock

As you can see, stone-coated roofs are the way of the future. There’s no reason not to give these a try for your own home if you’re looking for a new roof or to renovate your current roof. Contact The Roofing Center today for samples and more information about stone-coated shingle roofs.

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