Stone Coated Steel Roofing Myths & Misconceptions

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Stone-coated steel roofing myths have persisted for a long time, preventing many people from getting the high-quality roof they need for their homes. However, many roofing contractors and homeowners have disproven these myths as roof designs have become more accessible and reliable.

What if the metal roofing sounds like someone repeatedly attacking your roof when it rains? Are they also susceptible to rage-inducing lighting strikes?

This post will clear up all of the mysteries and misconceptions about the myths about stone-coated steel roofs. Read on.


Stone Coated Steel Roofing Myths & Misconceptions


Myth# 1: Metal Roofs Are Susceptible to Rust

This myth can be true when you choose to go for the roof with a basic painting or coating. Nowadays, most metal roofs are protected with stronger materials that can take on rain without rusting.

Rust happens when the metal is exposed to oxidation. Oxidation in roofs can be unnoticeable at first, but when you inspect them closely, some have chalky substances or some patches of rust circling in some areas.

Those things can often happen to your metal roof, especially when they are not coated with the protective layers from the acid rains or any other elements.

Myth #2: Metal Roofing Is Now Irrelevant

Metal roofing is still relevant to this day, and they even come in different colors and styles.

In the current landscape of most modern homes, you can only see the flat surfaces. The sleek white and minimalist designs are the recent trends, but some houses still go for the usual wooden exteriors with metal roofs.

That’s why the metal roofs are appropriately designed and suitable for your home. There are varieties of design that you can choose from, and it’s advisable to select the stone-coated steel roof for the traditional-looking roofs that withstands the rust and corrosion caused by elements.

Myth #3: Metal Roofing Can Make Your Ears Bleed

One of the most common myths in stone-coated steel roofing is that they are loud when it rains. This myth used to be accurate, but they are long gone. Many alterations happened with the basic coverage that is no longer the usual noisy roof that you came to know.

Traditionally, the houses and barns were connected by a single metal roof with no layers. But now, before you even put up a roof, there will be plasters and overlays that will help you reduce the noise of your metal roof. Aside from that, varying coatings and airspace between the panels and the roof sheathing help you avoid the usual rumble outside with an additional feature of providing you with a good selection of colors and structure.

Myth #4: Metal Roofs Have a Terrible Adjustment in the Weather

Just a little bit of science here. You may already know how metal can be the conductor of heat. However, it is found that the metals can also reflect the heat from being absorbed down below. Instead of letting the heat linger inside your home, it moves the heat away.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to stress much about keeping the heat in your house during winter because stone-coated roofs are helpful to keep you warm. When you’re lighting the fireplace, your roof can trap the warm air for some time.

Therefore, this myth is false.

Myth #5: They Get in the Way of the Cell Phone Reception

Nobody wants to get a house with poor signal reception. That also applies to getting a roof that you think blocks them all. It has never been valid that this assumption is true.

A metal roof can’t intercept your connection, but other factors like location, weather, and even woods can get in the way. As a result, you may think that your metal roof can cause the problem when in fact, there are some other factors that you may have overlooked.

Myth #6: Lightning Is Attracted to Metal Roofs

Lightning strikes are fatal, and when you have a metal roof, you will surely think that it can put you in harm’s way. These strikes repel from the metal roofs, but instead, they are looking for a ground to strike on.

Additionally, metal roofs are the advisable materials to go and pick in lightning-prone areas. The material helps to decrease the charge of the lightning strike because of its ability to hold out combustion.

There is no evidence to suggest that metal roofs are a lure for lightning to strike your home.

Final Thoughts

There are many qualms about getting a metal roof, and it’s never too late to verify whether it is true or not. While these myths can be true back then, the changes helped the roof become more accessible to many users.

Now that the stone-coated steel roofing myths and conceptions have been debunked, this is the best time to contact your trusted roofing contractors to help you set up your metal roof.

Do not hesitate to ask questions by contacting your metal roofing pros by setting an appointment with The Roofing Center to settle all of your stone-coated steel roofing-associated problems today.

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