The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

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professional roofing contractor

What are the most important benefits to hiring a professional roofing contractor to work on your home or business property?

While it should be obvious why you should avoid working with a fly-by-night roofing operation, many homeowners face the temptation to DIY these things, too. This is a risky endeavor for various reasons. Rather than endanger your physical safety or risk sub-optimal results, we hope you’ll consider a professional outfit for residential or commercial roof installation.

Top Benefits to Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

  • They’ll set a project deadline, after giving you a decent cost estimate, and commit to finishing on time. You can’t get this from every roofing company nowadays.
  • When there’s a product or service warranty (and there always should be), the project manager will explain them. Plus, they’ll actually honor it, which means they’ll come back and address any mistakes made during installation (if any).
  • Professional roofing contractors offer price transparency. While it doesn’t help to make specific cost promises before an inspection, once we do some research on your property and take measurements, we can quote something reliable.
  • You can also depend on them because they have a sterling reputation with previous customers. How do you know that? It’s easy these days to check behind any contract company to see if they have several five-star reviews on their Google Business Profile. That’s also a good place to read authentic qualitative feedback from like-minded property owners.
  • There’s also a greater guarantee of thorough workmanship because they have licensing and insurance that requires them to fulfill certain service requirements. This goes all the way from using the right materials to cleaning up all the roofing debris before leaving your property.

Risks That Come from NOT Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

What happens if you don’t work with a competent roofing company, or choose to ignore serious problems?

  • You risk letting leaks get worse, which carries with it the hazard of mold overgrowth, pest intrusion, and a host of other aggravations.
  • If you work with the wrong contractor, they may cut corners with safety concerns, forget to install proper flashing, or refuse warranty coverage.
  • We strongly recommend not spending too much time working on your own roof unless you have experience in the trade. Otherwise, you risk slipping, falling, and incurring a very serious injury.
  • Less reputable roofing contractors may have the best intentions, but if they struggle to maintain a staff, you might have to wait forever for them to fix your roof.

How Do You When You Need a Contractor’s Help?

You may wonder when you should search for a contractor to address roofing problems. It’s prudent to invest in a new residential roof when your roof has exceeded its life expectancy, has extensive trouble with leaks, or exhibits significant water damage.

There’s no concrete guideline on this, but if it seems like you’re chasing down fallen shingles all the time, that could be a sign you at least need an inspection. Fortunately, The Roofing Center offers free inspections and price quotes to help you decide whether to pursue minor repairs or an entirely new roof.

The Roofing Center: Comprehensive Roof Service All Over the Rocky Mountain Region

The Roofing Center has been in business since 1982, serving customers with durable yet still affordable roof installations. In 1984, we became one of the first companies to install stone-coated steel roofs, which we introduced to the Rocky Mountain region. We also do plenty of standard metal roof installations along with various shingle systems like the ones from Owens Corning.

Like we said, you should be able to identify a good company from the reviews they receive from customers. For our part, we have a 4.9-star aggregate rating on Google Reviews, and hold accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s how you know we’re a professional operation.

Contact us today to enjoy the dependable results you get working with a licensed and professional roofing contractor.

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