The Best Roofing Materials for Multi-Family Housing

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roofing materials for multi-family housing

What are the best roofing materials for multi-family housing?

There are a couple of ways to go about fixing roof problems if you manage an HOA with several homes: 1) Roof Coatings or 2) A Full Roof Replacement. The choice boils down to roof conditions, budgetary considerations, and the volume of property units involved.

This post will cover the most viable roofing solutions for multi-family properties in our area.

Top Roofing Materials for Multi-Family Housing

The Roofing Center offers a vast array of material options that add significant property value, provide outstanding protection against the elements, and look fantastic. These are the ones we use most often for multi-family properties.

Primary Roofing Materials We Use

  • Asphalt Shingles
    • Shingles are a reliable go-to option for properties of diverse sizes all across America. Manufacturers like Owens Corning and Malarkey have an extensive repertoire of durable and colorful options.
  • Metal
    • Metal lasts a long time, but it’s a bit costly. If your HOA has the budget for this, you could install a metal roof, and resolve this concern for several decades.
  • Tile
    • There are so many ways to tile a roof with various substances. This could involve tiles made from clay, stone, terracotta, or slate.
  • Slate
    • Speaking of slate, it’s one of the most durable options. This is one of the oldest ways to do roofing, albeit a little more expensive, but will last at least 50 years.
  • Flat Roofing (Low Slope)
    • The Roofing Center also has several ways to do flat or low-slope roofing. This includes MOD-BIT, EPDM, and TPO systems.
  • Synthetic/Specialty Roofing
    • Synthetic roofing simply refers to blending materials together, often resulting in a very sturdy product. This might be a combination of things like slate, fiberglass, laminate, and more.

Roof Coating Solutions

If you can address problems before they get out of control, then it’s possible to apply roof coating for solid results. This approach works best for low-sloping roofs and involves applying a layer of coating to your roof to protect it against water and projectile damage. It’s also a smart move when a roof replacement is too cost-prohibitive for your community.

Other Guidelines for Selecting the Best Roofing Materials

Then, you may recall our previous post on the best roofing products. We explained how there really isn’t a silver-bullet solution that fits every scenario. It inevitably comes down to individual preferences, which is true for HOA communities as well.

Here’s a summary of the most important considerations for material choices:

  • How much money does the HOA have to address roofing issues?
  • Does the community have style or aesthetic guidelines?
  • How close to the end of the roofs’ life expectancy are you? Are individual properties on the verge of falling apart?
  • Do you have a small community with enough of a budget for premium roofing, or do you need to focus on something budget friendly for several homes?

The Roofing Center: Installation with the Best Roofing Materials for Multi-Family Housing

The Roofing Center is the Rocky Mountain area’s best roofing service for multi-family homes, single-family residences, and commercial properties. We have locations in Sandy, Utah, Fort Collins, Colorado, and Belgrade, Montana, so if you’re anywhere near those places, then we can help.

We’ve developed a reputation as outstanding roofers with over three decades of business, having started in 1982 on a much smaller scale. Although we’ve grown to offer much broader services, The Roofing Center still maintains a small-business, family-oriented approach to customer service. You’re more than welcome to read over some of our evaluations on GuildQuality or Google Reviews to find customers who agree with our methods.

If you’d like to learn more about roofing materials for multi-family housing, contact us anytime for expert guidance.

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