What Does My Roof Replacement Warranty Cover?

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roof replacement warranty

A roof replacement warranty helps homeowners feel a sense of ease when something arises that calls for new shingles. Most warranties cover things like manufacturer defects, but still, some manufacturer warranties are more extensive than others.

At The Roofing Center, we receive roofing materials from a variety of manufacturers, so it’s essential to understand your roof replacement coverage before making a big purchase!

Tilcor Roofing Warranty

Tilcor Roofing Systems is one of our stone-coated steel roofing manufacturers that produces high-quality materials. But every once and a while, even the highest quality roof needs replacing.

Our Tilcor stone-coated steel roofing comes with a 50-year warranty from the time of installation. Tilcor Roofing Systems states that during this 50-year period, their products will:

  • Be free from any manufacturing defects that would negatively affect the performance of the roofing materials.
  • Be resistant to wind velocities up to 120 miles per hour.
  • Not be penetrated by hail less than two and a half inches in diameter such that the roof is no longer weatherproof.
  • Not materially deteriorate beyond normal weathering and aging.

Your stone-coated steel roof is eligible under the roof replacement warranty if it fails to live up to the previously mentioned conditions.

Boral Roof Replacement Warranty

Another manufacturer we source stone-coated steel roofing from is Boral. Boral’s 50-year warranty covers the same situations as the Tilcor warranty.

If the roof is found to have any defects, Boral will replace any defective pieces and cover the reasonable cost of labor for the replacement for the first 20 years of the warranty.

For warranty years 21 through 50, Boral will only cover the cost of replacing the materials, not the labor cost.

Malarkey Roofing Warranty Coverage

One of our asphalt shingle providers is Malarkey Roofing Products. In terms of warranties, Malarkey Roofing Products offers various tiers that are best suited for each customer’s budget and location.

The most common warranty at Malarkey Roofing Products is their Limited Lifetime Warranty, which protects against manufacturing defects and weather conditions up to a certain extent.

Malarkey’s roof replacement warranty extends up to 50 years (only select variations of asphalt shingles qualify). Naturally, there are some exclusions to this roof replacement coverage.

Here are some (not all) of the exclusions; you will not be eligible for a replacement if:

  • The shingles were installed incorrectly
  • There’s improper ventilation
  • The shingles weren’t transported or handled properly
  • There are structural changes to your roof (adding solar panels, satellite dishes, etc.)

Owen’s Corning Manufacturer Warranty

Another traditional asphalt shingle manufacturer we source from is Owen’s Corning. Owen’s Corning offers four options for warranty coverage, including the following:

  • Standard Coverage
  • System Protection (Extended Coverage)
  • Preferred Protection (Extended Coverage)
  • Platinum Protection (Extended Coverage)

Platinum Protection provides the most thorough warranty protection. Still, each warranty protects against the following circumstances:

  • Any material defects that affect the performance of your roof
  • Any leakage that occurs (within the specified timeline)

Also, Owen’s Corning will not provide any compensation for underlayment, metalwork, flashings, or related work that may come with your roof replacement. Owen’s Corning’s replacement warranty doesn’t cover the removal and replacement of solar panels or other rooftop equipment, either.

Before filing a warranty claim through Owen’s Corning, it’s important to make sure you are eligible, as the manufacturer has several warranty variations.

Understanding Your Roof Replacement Warranty

Each manufacturer has slightly different roof replacement coverage qualifications. Still, every manufacturer that we work with at The Roofing Center makes top-of-the-line roofing products.

But when bad weather or other unfortunate circumstances arise, knowing you have a warranty in place is a reassurance worth paying extra for. Before investing in a new roof, contact our team of experts today to find out the specifics of your roof replacement warranty!

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