What Makes Stone Coated Steel Roofing a Great Roofing Material?

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Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Our region is one of the areas in the country that has all four seasons, and they can take a heavy toll on local roofs, prompting many residents to opt for stone-coated steel roofing. The benefits of stone-coated steel roofing are significant and numerous, and they can offer considerable improvements in many categories over traditional shingles. We’re going to take a closer look at stone-coated steel as a roofing material, and why it may be the ideal material for our mountainous region.

What is Stone-Coated Steel?

Stone-coated steel is a relatively new roofing material that is beginning to gain incredible levels of popularity. It consists of a steel core, often 24 or 26-gauge, that is alloyed to resist corrosion. This sheet is then covered in a layer of stone that is adhered to the surface of the steel.

The stone blends and colors that are available for stone-coated steel roofs are one of the main reasons it has gotten so popular. Not only is it superior from a protective standpoint, but it can be designed to produce just about any type of look that the customer wants.

Benefits Of Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Here are some of the biggest, or most valuable, benefits of installing a stone-coated steel roofing systems.


One of the biggest reasons that stone-coated steel roofs are spiking in popularity right now is the amazing appearance and beauty the average homeowner gets out of an installation. With other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, the lifespan of the materials means that after the first couple of years, they are going to fade in color and dull in appearance. Stone-coated steel doesn’t diminish like other materials, so it retains its appearance for much longer.


The durability of stone-coated steel is nearly unmatched. It provides superior resistance to wind damage, heavy rain, fire, and even impact damage. It’s not unusual to see hail once or twice a year, and those icy impacts can severely damage the underlayment of a shingled roof. Additionally, the lifespan of stone-coated steel is about 70 years if properly taken care of, while even under the best conditions shingles will only give about 20 years of functional use before becoming too damaged. This all means a more robust protective barrier above the structures you care about.

Energy Efficiency

Most roofing methods, including shingles, will absorb solar energy and will work against the climate control of the home in some situations. This reduces the energy efficiency of the home and can make it difficult to cool the home during the summer months when that heat has nowhere to go. A metal roof will be able to reflect that excess heat, which can be a big help in maintaining a comfortable living environment with minimal energy expenditure.


Even when well taken care of, many shingled roofs will need occasional maintenance. This can include replacing cracked or curled shingles, or those that have been damaged or removed by storm forces. This means that even though the initial materials and installation had a cost, that cost is increased by the amount needed to maintain them year after year. Stone-coated steel roofs have very little required maintenance, and they will not curl or crack in storm conditions.

For More Information On Your Stone Coated Steel Roofing Project

There are tons of reasons to get stone-coated steel, and few, if any, not to. It can help your home look great, and it can do it for more than half a century. If you have been thinking about replacing your roofing, and have considered using stone-coated steel, The Roofing Center is one of the region’s leading authorities on stone-coated steel roofing.

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