What Roofing Material Offers The Best Protection Against Storm Damage?

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storm damage

Selecting the right roofing material is critical, especially if you want to protect your home from storm damage like intense winds, hail, debris, fire, and more. Fortunately, The Roofing Center has extensive experience installing the most durable roofing and offers an array of storm-withstanding roofing products.

Select The Best With Specialty Roofing

Our specialty roof products are by far the best when it comes to protection from storm damage. Made from a synthetic polymer-based shake, we source our specialty roofing from CeDUR.

The product, known as CeDUR Shake, is designed to give off the look of a traditional wood shake. What’s better, the product is made and manufactured in the United States (Colorado, specifically).

Regarding its protection against storm damage, this brand of synthetic shake roof comes with the following qualifications:

  • A Class 4 impact rating for hail
  • A Class A fireproof rating
  • A 50-year manufacturer’s warranty

Our CeDUR Shake roofing is the preferred choice at The Roofing Center if you’re primarily concerned with storm damage protection.

Excellent Protection With Stone-Coated Steel Roofing

Another great option for a roofing material that offers supreme protection against storm damage is our stone-coated steel roofing. This metal roofing shingle is pressed to look like a tile, shake, or shingle roof, depending on the customer’s preference. Compared to others, our metal roofing options are:

  • More energy efficient
  • More durable
  • More customizable (available in an array of colors and styles)

The two manufacturers that supply our stone-coated steel roofing products are Tilcor Roofing Products and Boral Steel. These two companies both provide top-of-the-line products, so our customers only invest in the best roofing materials on the market.

Tilcor Roofing Products

Tilcor Roofing System is our top choice regarding stone-coated roofing products. With that, Tilcor is much different from the steel our competitors use because Tilcor products include:

  • Virgin steel on all roofing products
  • Heavier gauges on panels and accessories
  • More aesthetically-pleasing appearance

Additionally, Tilcor is excellent for storm damage protection because the products come with a Class 4 impact-resistant rating from the Underwriters Laboratory.

Boral Steel

Like Tilcor stone-coated roofing, Boral Steel is another excellent product we offer here at The Roofing Center. Unlike Tilcor products, Boral Steel roofing is manufactured in the United States.

Further, this manufacturer constructs top-of-the-line stone-coated steel roofing by combining the best aspects from two of the top stone-coated steel manufacturers. Therefore, you can feel confident this roofing material will withstand some of the harshest storms you’ll experience!

Clarifying Roofing Material Ratings

Understanding distinctions in the storm protection rating system ensures you make an informed decision before investing in a new roof. As previously mentioned, our Tilcor and CeDUR Shake roofing materials both offer a Class 4 impact-resistant rating. That said, a Class 4 rating is the highest level of impact resistance, indicating that the material won’t split or tear from the impact of a two-inch ball dropped from 20 feet.

Fireproof ratings are also important to consider when discussing storms and natural disasters. Our CeDUR Shake roofing products come with a Class A fireproof rating, meaning it has a flame spread rating between zero and 25. Essentially, this means the materials in the roofing products are very unlikely to contribute fuel to a fire.

Budget-Friendly Asphalt Roofing

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly roofing option that can still withstand harsher weather, our asphalt roofing is the way to go.

Our Owens Corning and Malarkey products hold up best in the climates we service. On top of that, these materials come with an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Still, it’s essential to note asphalt roofing won’t protect your home as best as our stone-coated steel or specialty roofing materials will.

Choose The Best Storm-Resistant Roofing Material

At The Roofing Center, we provide an array of roofing options to best protect your home from natural disasters. Regardless of your budget, we have the right product for you and your family!

Before installing the best roof, we provide an estimate given the type of roof, area, location, etc., that your needs demand. Schedule your consultation to get the best roofing material for your home online or over the phone, so you can rest assured your property is safe from storms!

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