What are the Signs You Need a Commercial Building Roof Replacement?

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Commercial Building Roof Replacement

Business owners and commercial property managers have a lot on their plate, which can make it difficult to remember to have your roof maintained until you’re facing a potential commercial building roof replacement. Many signs and symptoms can indicate that your commercial roof requires some attention, and knowing what to look for can help make it much easier to spot problems before they become too serious. We’re going to look at some of the biggest signs that your commercial roofing needs attention.

Signs That You May Need Commercial Building Roof Replacement

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does give some of the most common signs or significant symptoms that a roof is in danger. For more information about the status of your commercial roof, schedule an inspection by a trusted, local roofing authority.


Leaks are one of the most obvious, and the most severe signs that the roofing on your commercial building needs some attention. No matter what, leaks during rain events mean your roof needs to be repaired, but when you contact a professional, they will be able to let you know if it is just a minor issue or a more extensive problem. This is essential for situations where the leak may have been present for some time before being seen.

Blistering Or Membrane Damage

Blistering is where pockets of moisture or air are trapped between the roofing membrane and the underlayment. The temperature fluctuation causes small bubbles to appear, which is a strong indicator that the roofing needs to be redone. This is a relatively severe error of installation, but if it is caught quickly enough, it can mean a simple repair instead of a complete roof replacement.

Commercial Building Roof Replacement: Aging Roofing Materials

If your roofing has no leaks that you know of and hasn’t been worked on for quite some time, the odds are good that your roof is beginning to suffer from aging materials that may breach at any time. No matter how well a roof is taken care of, eventually, it will need to be replaced, and staying on top of annual inspections can help considerably with keeping an eye on your roofing system’s overall health.

Missing Shingles

Some commercial roofing with steeper slopes is done with shingles, but missing shingles can mean big roof damage if unaddressed. Curling, cracking, or shingles losing their grit are all signs that the shingles on your roof are getting tired and may need replacement as well. Anything growing on the shingles means they are holding water.

Wear & Tear Showing On Flashing

The flashing is the material that helps waterproof transitional areas. It is used to help create a seal at penetration points where things like vents or chimneys come up through the roof, or where the roof meets a vertical surface like a wall.

Drainage Failures

One big factor in roofing health is draining the water away from the roof once it has flowed down the roof. If the downspouts or gutters aren’t in good repair, it can mean restricted drainage and even water that backs up under eaves or overhangs. This can cause bubbling or even internal water damage.

Commercial Building Roof Replacement May Not Be Necessary

Depending on the severity of your roofing condition, complete roofing replacement may not be needed. If you have a roofing professional out for an inspection, they will be able to determine the extent of the damage, as well as evaluate repair options. If you have been considering commercial building roof replacement, reach out today to your partners at The Roofing Center to discuss your needs.

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