Why are Energy Efficient Roofs Important?

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energy efficient roofs

Energy efficient roofs are essential for safeguarding your home and keeping your utility bill under control.

Many home and business owners are aware of their appliances that consume lots of juice. However, they’re less familiar with the role of exterior structures for preventing hot/cold air intrusion. If you allow your windows, doors, siding, or roof to leak, weaken, or deteriorate, you’ll suffer less energy efficiency.

Why is it important to have an energy efficient roof and what can you do if your current arrangement doesn’t meet expectations?

The Importance of Energy Efficient Roofs

Some research and market estimates show us that the typical American has an asphalt roof of over 20 years old. While it’s not impossible to achieve energy efficiency in that scenario, you may find that shingled roofs don’t perform well after about 15 or 20 years. This has obvious implications for your utility bill, and installing a new residential roof could reduce costs by 50%.

Two primary reasons for this are improper ventilation and a lack of solar reflection. When roof ventilation is subpar, it allows excessive heat to rise into your attic, which forces your HVAC to work harder in the summer. Solar reflection is also crucial, and most older roofing materials weren’t made with that in mind. Now, manufacturers make shingles and specialized roof metals to cast away solar radiation, a crucial component if you want to keep your home cool.

Aside from those two concerns, what happens when your old roof simply leaks too much, and lets in tons of cold or hot air?

What Causes the Roof Leaks that Contribute to Energy Inefficiency?

Once you identify some of the common causes of leaky roofs, you can get way ahead of the energy inefficiency problem. These are some things that will cause damage, may be difficult to repair, and could necessitate a full roof replacement.

  • Weak Pipe Flashings
    • Without proper installation, the essential pipe flashing may deteriorate within just a few years of a new roof.
  • Skylight Issues
    • The raised edges on many skylights leave them vulnerable to leaks after heavy debris accumulation. Fortunately, you can prevent this with proper cleaning every so often.
  • Problems Around Chimneys
    • This is another area where poor flashing can cause serious damage. Compromised flashing could lead to soft or rotten roof sheathing around the chimney, a common result of poor installation or cheap materials.

What are my Options for New Energy Efficient Roofs?

Once leaks and other damages get way out of control, you may wish to explore a potential roof replacement for your home or commercial property. The Roofing Center offers three solutions if you decide you need a new roof.

  1. Stone-Coated Steel Roofing or Metal Roofing
  2. Asphalt (Shingled) Roofing
  3. Specialty Synthetic Roofing

The first options, stone-coated steel or metal, are the most dependable and longest-lasting ways to secure an energy-economical roof. The Stone-coated steel systems have a tiled roof appearance, but come with the heavy-duty strength metal, which can last about 70 years.

We also do shingled roofs, which are a terrific and budget-appropriate solution for many property owners. Then you can ask us about new synthetic materials, like CeDUR Shake.

You Can Depend on The Roofing Center for Prompt Installation & Repairs

Nothing about roof repair and installation has to seem intimidating as long as you know the basics and perform routine upkeep. Any homeowner, for example, can keep their gutters clean and positioned properly to avoid the worst water damage.

If, however, you suspect some of the problems we mentioned (like flashing deterioration), then please call us for help. The Roofing Center can meet with you for a quick inspection to find all the leaks and give you a better idea of what’s causing your energy problems. Our roofing services are highly regarded and available all throughout the inter-mountain region in places like Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho.

Contact us today to learn all your options for energy efficient roofs, along with our first-rate installation services.

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