Will a Commercial Roofing Project Interrupt My Business?

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commercial roofing project

How long does a commercial roofing project last and will it interrupt the flow of business?

Roofing projects can interfere with things, but it doesn’t have to involve lengthy disruptions, provided there is prudent planning and effective communication between all parties. Many of the businesses we assist do not have to cease operations to accommodate a new roof installation.

What You Can Expect During a Commercial Roofing Project

The first thing to do is determine whether your business needs a replacement roof, or if you can get by with repairs or roof coating. Later in this post, we’ll talk about the roof inspection process, but let’s assume you need a new roof because the damages are too severe for minor repairs.

These are a few things you can expect when you hire The Roofing Center for a full roof replacement.

  • The replacement process, although a last resort, involves tearing off the entire roof, in parts or altogether, and replacing it with something new.
  • What are your material options? There are several, including flat roofing, shingle roofing, stone-coated steel, and others. The project length will depend partly on the selection you make.
  • The decision to replace your roof will help your business several ways: improved energy efficiency, elimination of leaks, and better exterior aesthetic (to name just a few benefits).

So, Will There Be Delays or Interruptions?

The full roof replacement may incur certain disruptions, but it’s impossible to tell without knowing the specific business circumstances. Many of the clients we serve can continue operations alongside a roofing project.

If roof replacement is temporarily unfeasible for your business, we also offer restoration services where we can re-coat a roof for effective results. That project takes considerably less time, doesn’t interfere as much, and is more affordable. Our team is more than happy to meet with you to discover the smartest way to address roof damage without creating excessive downtime.

Get a Reliable Estimate and Prognosis with a Roof Inspection

The first step to beginning a roofing project is to get an inspection from one of our trained technicians. This gives you a comprehensive estimate of what to expect in terms of costs, timetable, and potential disruptions.

Here’s an outline of what we check during a commercial roof inspection:

  • Leaks
    • This is the big one, and chances are, you’ve already identified a few of these in your establishment. Not all leakage requires a full roof replacement, so it’s important for us to ascertain the damage and find an appropriate solution.
  • Other Forms of Wear & Tear
    • There are signs of damage we can find when we get on top of your roof. The soffits, flashing, and other exterior framework may be deteriorating as well. Then, it’s important to investigate the interior stuff like the underlayment, roof deck, insulation, and so forth.
  • Missing Components
    • Does your roof have missing shingles? Has the flashing come loose? The first thing we do is make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be on your business roof.

You Can Trust Us With Any Difficult Commercial Roofing Project

Whether your commercial roof needs a few replacement shingles, new flashing, new coating, or a total re-haul, we can help. The Roofing Center serves business and residential clients in Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. We have full licensing, bonding, and insurance to perform any type of roof construction.

We’re also a good-standing and accredited company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you check out our customer reviews, you’ll find our almost perfect score on platforms like Google Reviews and GuildQuality. Finally, we have certification to install new roofs with top shingle brands like Owens Corning and Malarkey.

Contact us today for a free estimate on the costs and timetable of a commercial roofing project.

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