Wood Shake Roofing Alternatives

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Roofing Alternatives

Wood Shake Roofing Alternatives

If you can’t get traditional cedarwood shingles for your home, you may need to look into wood shake roofing alternatives. Luckily, there are many roofing alternatives to consider, ranging from synthetic wood shingles to shakes made of completely different materials, like stone-coated metal. Let’s break down some of the best alternatives in detail.

Why Use a Wood Shake Roofing Alternative?

Homeowners may decide to use wood shake shingle roofing alternatives for a variety of reasons, including:

• Cost – for many, alternatives are cheaper, especially if you secure a synthetic product that looks the same as typical split cedar wood shakes
• Legal reasons – for example, many homes in the West must now abide by recent building codes that forbid real cedar wood shakes due to the fire hazards they represent

However, this hasn’t stopped the widespread demand for cedarwood shake roofing. Cedarwood shakes are highly desirable for their aesthetic value and the way they complement the natural, forested scenery found in states like Utah, Montana, and Colorado.

Although you may not be able or willing to use a traditional wood shake roofing solution, there are several alternatives available to you depending on your budget and needs.

Synthetic Shingles Are the Same Shape and Size… Plus Fireproof

For starters, companies such as DaVinci Roofscapes and CeDur now offer synthetic wood shake shingles as alternatives to traditional cedar options. These can be constructed in the exact same shape and size as classic cedar shingles. However, they had a major benefit: they are completely fireproof, thus negating the major downside of cedar shakes.

In a nutshell, natural wood shakes typically ignite at 375°F. Meanwhile, synthetic wood shakes from companies like CeDUR can reach temperatures of upwards of 1400°F without igniting. That’s because these synthetic shakes don’t include any fuel or flammable materials on their surfaces.

If a burning ember or some other fire hazard were to land on a synthetic shake, it would not catch fire. This is a major concern for homeowners in Montana, Utah, Colorado, and other areas where fire season is a big concern each year. By opting for synthetic wood shake roofing alternatives, you’ll protect your home and stay within the bounds of the law… while also potentially saving some money.

Blend Nicely with Forest Aesthetics/Scenery

In addition, synthetic shingles can provide the same aesthetic benefits as classic cedar shakes. Again, most homeowners opt for wood shake roofing because they like the way it blends in with the surrounding environment or how it helps their home merge with their property.

With the right color and shape, synthetic wood shake roofing alternatives can retain this benefit for your home. Plus, since the wood shakes are nonflammable, you’ll never need to worry about them catching fire and ruining your investment from a minor flame.

Stone-Coated Metal Shake Roofing Alternatives

The Roofing Center goes above and beyond and offers stone-coated metal shake roofing alternatives. Why opt for stone-coated metal?

In short, it looks the same as a traditional wood shake profile. Stone-coated steel shingles can look phenomenal on your home, even in a forest environment. Plus, stone-coated steel shingles from The Roofing Center have Class A fire ratings and 50-year warranties, ensuring peace of mind and durability for your home over the long term.

All in all, the right would shake roofing alternative is right around the corner. If you need advice or want to check out some roofing samples, The Roofing Center can help. Contact us today for more information and to learn more about how we can replace wood shake roofing on your home ASAP.

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