Does Stone Coated Steel Roofing Increase the Value of my Home?

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stone coated steel

Are you familiar with stone coated steel roofing for residential homes?

This has become a popular way to add home value in our neck of the woods, and for many good reasons. Stone-coated steel is an outstanding way to achieve a better exterior aesthetic, save money with a long-term investment, and enjoy a much more durable roof. While there are several ways to attain a reliable roof, this is our favorite option at The Roofing Center.

What is Stone Coated Steel?

Stone Coated Steel, as the name suggests, is a combination of exterior stone material (often tiled) attached to a thick layer of steel. We use it for new roofs because homeowners enjoy the protection you get from 26-gauge steel, coupled with ornate stone. Just like the various shingle brands, there are many colored stones available.

What Makes Stone Coated Steel a Great Choice for Roofing?

There are several advantages to using stone-coated steel roofing material over alternatives like asphalt or standard metal.

  • Fantastic Appearance – Most consumer evaluations show that this material looks gorgeous and contributes well to exterior curb appeal. It may even help you sell your home later down the road.
  • Very Low Upkeep – Do you have a shingled roof that forces you to perform lots of repairs when things come loose? This rarely happens with the tighter fit and sturdier steel material, provided you hire a reputable contractor to install it the correct way.
  • Durability & Longevity – Your average roof will only offer about 20 years of reliable coverage these days. This may be worse with the heavy rain, hail, and snow we get around here. Steel roofs last for about 70 years, making this a one-and-done project for life.
  • Terrific Energy Efficiency – Modern technology allows metal roofing to reflect more of the harsh solar energy hitting your house, thus keeping it much cooler. This will pay big dividends when you enjoy substantially lower utility bills.

How Do You Know You’re Ready for a New Roof?

What are the best reasons to consider replacing your residential roof in favor of this significant upgrade?

  • Your current roof seems okay, but you’d like to go for something premium to match the other beautiful homes around your neighborhood.
  • You’ve reached retirement age, the roof is in terrible shape, and you want a permanent solution. This will make it so you never have to worry about roofing ever again.
  • It’s gotten to be an enormous hassle chasing after loose or missing shingles with your current roofing arrangement.
  • You want something that’s low maintenance.
  • You just installed some premium siding and need a roofing material that matches it.

These are just a handful of the reasons homeowners approach us about stone roofing. The process of putting together a solid roof is definitely not a DIY task, so you’ll want to identify a professional roofing contractor for it. Nonetheless, the final results are well worth the investment.

Contact The Roofing Center for Prompt & Affordable Installation

The Roofing Center is the inter-mountain region’s best roofing contractor for stone, metal, asphalt, or specialty roofing. We not only assemble everything with the utmost care but also offer and honor all service warranties. That’s how you know we’ll take care of every detail, and make adjustments if you detect a mistake.

The good news is that we don’t make many errors, which you can verify from our long track record of satisfied customers. You’re welcome to visit our business profile on either Google Reviews or GuildQuality, where we maintain an almost perfect rating. Along with that, The Roofing Center has a great reputation with the consumer advocate group, the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Contact us today for a cost estimate on stone coated steel roofing for your home in Utah, Colorado, or Montana.

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