Mountain Roofing: The Best Products in High Mountain Areas

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Mountain Roofing

Finding the best mountain roofing products for high mountain homes can be tricky, especially if you are looking to build a new roof from scratch or renovate your home’s current roofing or replace the shingles with better variants. Let’s break down some of the best roofing products and materials you might consider for your next project with the help of The Roofing Center.

Factors to Consider About High Mountain Roofs

High mountain homes have to contend with natural hazards and weather that homes in valleys or in more temperate zones simply do not. For example, homes high in the mountains must have roofs that can withstand:

  • Heavy snowfall in the winter
  • Ice buildup, including icicle formation
  • Hail in some areas, which can damage roofs that are not durable enough to withstand heavy impacts

Ultimately, any homeowner in a high mountain area has to ensure their roof can protect them from each of these hazards and more.

The Best Mountain Roofing Product Materials

That’s why The Roofing Center offers a variety of mountain roofing products and materials, including:

  • Stone-coated metal roofing, our specialty, and best product, designed for durability and reliability
  • Synthetic shake roofing for cost-effectiveness and aesthetic benefits
  • Asphalt roofing

Is Asphalt a Good Choice?

While asphalt isn’t typically considered a go-to choice for mountain roofing materials, it can actually be quite viable if applied correctly. When The Roofing Center applies asphalt roofing products, we do so using a new method rather than the traditional route (which typically involves applying an underlayment over the wood decking of a roof, then putting on asphalt shingles).

Instead, we apply a complete ice and water shield barrier over a home’s entire roof first. This adhesive shield sticks to the plywood decking and is later fastened down for extra security. This ensures the asphalt roof is totally impermeable to water.

In this way, The Roofing Center offers asphalt roofing for mountain homeowners who want to save a little money or who don’t want to invest in a longer-term, metal roofing solution.

The Best Mountain Roofing Products to Reduce Ice

Naturally, rooftops in the mountains have to be designed to reduce the build-up of ice dams or chunks on top and of icicles that can hang from the edges. Icicles can be hazardous to property and people if left unchecked.

Because of this, the best mountain roofing products for reducing ice are often metal roofs, which The Roofing Center specializes in installing. Specifically, we use stone coated metal applications because:

  • Installing stone coated metal results in an air space between the plywood decking and metal roofing shingles
  • This ensures that airflow and temperature remain constant and prevent the eaves from becoming too cold. This reduces ice buildup and lowers the likelihood of icicles forming at all

Choose the Best Mountain Roofing Products with The Roofing Center

In the end, the best mountain roofing products for your home will depend on your budget, your home’s position, and whether you want to prioritize aesthetics or durability. Fortunately, you don’t have to answer all of these questions yourself.

Instead, you can simply contact The Roofing Center today. We will ask you insightful questions to determine what products would be best for your needs. Then we can work with you depending on your budget limitations and time frame.

By the end, you’ll be satisfied with your new roofing solution and can rest assured that your mountain roofing products will stand the test of time and protect you from the elements. Contact us today for more information about the best mountain roofing products.

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