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Stone Coated Roofing

Stone coated roofing styles provide an attractive and durable alternative to traditional tile or slate roofing options. What’s more, far from the stark and sometimes unattractive appearances that many individuals imagine when discussing metal options, innovative manufacturing processes mean that stone-coated styles provide the same attractive finish as traditional options, alongside countless additional benefits that make it the second most popular style on the market right now. The question is, what is stone coated roofing, what styles are available, and why are they worth investing in?

What is stone coated roofing?

A direct but attractive take on the metal roofing that’s been in use for particularly commercial purposes for centuries, stone coated roofing provides an opportunity to achieve the tile-style finish homeowners want, but with a metal foundation for ensured durability and cost-efficiency.

This is because stone coated roofing styles use innovative techniques to take those traditional steel roofing sheets and stamp them into shapes that replicate traditional tiles. Metal panels are then coated with natural stone granules designed in keeping with the colors and styles selected at the design stage. These styles are then finished with a layered approach that uses epoxy primers and acrylic overglaze to ensure protection against even UV and water damage without once compromising on appearance.

What stone coated roofing styles are available?

From shake and shingle styles right through to traditional tile finishes, the joy of stone coated is the fact that it can be tailored to your needs, preferences, and requirements. Without once breaking the bank, the range of styles and colors available from top manufacturers like Tilcor Roofing Systems, Boral Steel, and DECRA will especially enable you to find something that suits, with the most popular stone coated styles available including clay, shingle, and wood shakes as follows –

Spanish Tile

Inspired by the Mediterranean, S Tile takes the strong flowing curves of a spanish tile and combines them with the strength and durability of stone coated steel. So you can achieve the Spanish Tile style without the inherent weight and cost of clay tiles.

Shingle Style

Striking heavy-cut shingles look fantastic on traditional properties, but with a life expectancy of just 15 years in even storm-free areas, heavy traditional options are far from ideal. Granual stone coated shingles offer the ideal way around, providing those same thick-cut edges and distinctive shadows but with the benefits of significantly less weight, and a more durable finish in general.

Shake Style

Hand-split wood roofing can provide a fantastic and natural finish for any home, but the risks of rot, fading, and exposure can quickly ruin their appeal. By providing those same levels of hand-crafted detail with none of the compromises, shake stone coated shingles provide the perfect way around, ensuring the natural finish you need, but with an edge that’s likely to last and look great for a lifetime.

What are the benefits of stone coated roofing styles?

In large part, the benefits of stone coated roofing speak for themselves, but if you’re seriously considering the styles discussed then it also doesn’t hurt to understand the primary ways that you could benefit from contacting The Roofing Center to discuss your options today, including –

  • An average lifespan of 50 years
  • Durability against even adverse conditions
  • Maintenance-free solutions
  • A wide variety of available colors and textures
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • And more

This is just the beginning of why stone coated roofing styles could be best for your home or business, now let the #1 rated roofers in the West convince you of the rest. Contact us today!

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